Does speaker placement affects my listening experience

Firstly we should understand 2 terms imaging and reflection.


Accurate stereo imaging gives the impression that each sound is coming from a different place. Imagine the sound of an entire band coming from a single point in space, with each instrument stacked on top of each other. This would be a poor stereo image. Now imagine unpacking those sounds so that each instrument is spread out from left to right – as if the musicians were standing on a stage in front of you. This is a good stereo image.


When you listen to music, you are hearing more than just the sound waves that travel directly from the speakers to your ears. You are also hearing reflected sound that bounce off your walls, furniture, cats, etc. Reflected sound waves will reach your ears slightly later than direct waves, which results in a type of distortion called “time smearing.” This can make your music sound muddy and unclear, and can also destroy your delicate stereo image.


What options are there where I am already staying in a house that I cannot change? Or what option can I alter in that case?

Let look at 1 standard layout and favourite 5.2.2 configuration.

Why is this a favourite layout due to the very simple fact that most of the cabling works are done in front and the only headache is the 2 speakers behind(SL and SR) which you will need to find a way to lay a cable to it?

Well, there is endless to say about placement. We will cover more in the next article or you can drop in the comment for questions.,

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